IKure’s telemedicine services for assisted care

IKure’s telemedicine services for assisted care

As many Hospital OPDs have been closed down due to COVID-19 this has put senior citizens suffering from Chronic Ailments such as Diabetes, Hypertension, Cardiac issues with a lot of challenges. Many patients do not have smartphones, even if they do they cannot operate smart phones for a complex task like Teleconsulting with the doctors, nor have medical instruments needed to capture their basic vitals for better diagnosis by the doctors. Also many patients and doctors do not speak the same language, Keeping these in mind iKure brings in ‘Hybrid Telemedicine’ – Caregivers at your doorstep, b. Helps in capturing of vitals, communicating with the doctors & assisting in diagnosis c. Medicine and other supplies delivery at doorsteps.

Telemedicine app comes with web and mobile applications for providers and patients. The App consists of all these modules mentioned here:

iKure Provider App

iKure Provider App allows MO, ANM, Lab Technician, and ASHA to manage their schedule, announce slots for services (telemedicine consultation, health

camp, community/ home visitation, ASHA/ANM visit, counselings, SHG meetings, medicine delivery, etc.), notifications, add prescriptions, vitals, diagnostics reports, etc.

iKure Family Health App

Provides patients/ family registration, update user and demographic data, add family members, request and book appointment for services (list of services App), get prescription, reports, vitals, bills, and participate in telemedicine calls.

iKure Telemedicine App suite consists of online and offline web and mobile app for –

Doctors, Community Health Worker, Nurse, Lab Technician, and Patients.

Using the App, Providers and Hubs can do a range of activities including the following:

  • Register patients, with location and verify their mobile number.
  • Add diseases, medicines, and dosages, vitals, food, exercise in your prescriptions.
  • Collect medical history on past diseases, doctor consultations, medications for the patients and family.
  • Take key vitals including height, weight, blood pressure, SPO2, along with basic diagnostic tests.