iKure’s innovative initiatives for COVID-19

iKure’s innovative initiatives for COVID-19

As the pandemic has hit the country like a storm, iKure, through its ground-breaking innovations is bringing effective measures to contain the COVID spread.

Snapshots of the initiatives below:

Remote Health Monitoring Support:

Expanding access to COVID-19 positive patients through remote monitoring services. The coordinated medical support, delivered through a hub-and-spoke model, provides patients with continuous care. This has reduced the need for a hospital bed and oxygen support. This tracking mechanism also ensures that family members receive early alerts. The initiative is supported by:

  • Telemedicine app
  • Team of Doctors
  • Trained Frontline Health Workers & Paramedics
  • Dieticians, and Psychology Consultation

Olfactory Screening Tests: Loss of Sense of Smell is an early sign of COVID-19. 68 percent of people have reported loss of smell or olfactory impairment in active COVID cases.

RT-PCR tests are usually done either too early or too late in the infection cycle leading to false-negative results. iKure is introducing scratch & sniff U-Smell-It-Olfactory test that alerts you for an RT-PCR test, isolate, and identify symptomatic patients. The test can be carried out up to 50, 000 tests per day. It requires less than 5 minutes using select Indian effervescence to detect early loss of smell. A clinically tested product with:

  • 80% Efficacy Rate
  • 90% Specificity
  • FDA Registered & X-Prize Winner
  • Clinical Trial at PGIMER, Chandigarh