Dr. Lalmohan Banerjee

“iKure”…an apparently small name, has created a paradigm change in the arena of social entrepreneurship on the foundation of three cardinal prongs of ” Healthcare “…” Technology “..and ” CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility)…within a short period of entering operations..by means of exemplary inputs and concept planning strategies against many adversities, by expert advisors.

Modern and constantly improving technology is being used/ procured to give a leverage in the efforts within the framework of affordable human resources,many a times to harness to what seems like near-impossible tasks,within a stipulated time frame and improve the reflection in the impact assessment of the Organisation….by highly productive and trained personnel deployed by the Group with impunity…who apart from office environment has ventured into areas of harsh terrain to deliver promises to serve humanity….not to mention the constant hands-on training imparted down the way to many who are involved with the Organisation directly.

The areas of changing scenario in disease patterns are the prime focus in the Healthcare domain..to cover and educate people in Infectitous diseases affecting people of all ages.. Non-communicable diseases…Mother & Child Care…Preventable diseases.(to mention a few ) …with the broad aim to reduce human suffering…in both accessible and remote locations.

New delivery models are being innovated to serve the community through this Group, at research based sites in and around strategic locales in the country.

The Group with its constant efforts to expand the employee base strives to undertake newer projects holding hands with Partner members/ Collaborators / Medical Institutions /and Domestic and International stake holders and investors in this mission…under the able and expert guidance of people with leadership qualities backed with experience and wisdom.

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