Assisted Telemedicine Consultation

As many Hospitals OPDs were closed due to COVID-19, patients suffering from Chronic Ailments such as Diabetes, Hypertension, cardiac issues have been facing lot of challenges. Many patients do not have smart phones, even if they do they cannot operate smartphones for a complex task such as Telemedicine. Keeping these in mind iKure brings in Hybrid Telemedicine – a. Care giver at your doorstep, b. Helps in capturing of vitals , communicating with the doctors & assisting in diagnosis c. Medicine and other supplies delivery. With the focus on building primary healthcare system from the beneficiary’s perspective our assisted telemedicine services have extended our capabilities to provide primary care making it more accessible at patient’s doorstep and convenient for under-served populations.

iKure is improving access in three ways:

  • Improving coordination with teleconsultation through iKure’s mobile medical team
  • Demonstrating usage and uptake of technology-enabled assisted care
  • Enabling access to medicine supply and other consumables through effective supply chain model

Our Aided Telemedicine Model