Telemedicine Platform

We are enabling access to public healthcare networks through telemedicine platforms, providing our beneficiaries access care with hope and new possibilities. Our Naga telehealth platform enabled healthcare, prevention and wellness for the entire state of Nagaland leveraging 192 sub health centers and 19 primary health centers. The prototype model is adapted in Khunti District, Jharkhand with JICA to transform the PHCs into a dynamic one. It is serving the district hospitals, community sub-centers, and primary health centers in Jharkhand. Our telemedicine platform is supported by doctor’s app, CHW app and E-commerce.

This initiative has brought virtual doctors at the doorsteps of these sub-centers using telemedicine platform which works well in mountainous regions. When OPDs and hospitals are overburdened after the nation lockdown, integration of technology into public health system is the most viable option to bridge the demand and supply gap in India.

Our Telemedicine Platform