Hub & spoke clinic set up

iKure delivers its services through an innovative Hub-and-Spoke model, where it sets up Rural Health Centers (spokes) at village level, resourced with qualified MBBS doctors, nurses and para-medical staff. This model strategically fits into the resource constraints rural settings where the distance between patients and healthcare providers is reduced in coordination at a local level with ground partners such as SHGs and NGOs. iKure opened its first brick and mortar hub clinic in rural West Bengal. The hub and spoke model represented an affordable and accessible option supported by a cloud based proprietary platform ‘WHIMS’ that facilitated connectivity between Hub and spokes and act as a referral for tertiary care. At present, iKure has 20 hubs spread across 10 states in India. We specialize in:

  1. General Practice 2. Non-Communicable Diseases (NCDs) 3. Eye care 4. Telemedicine services 5. Pathology services 6. Diagnostic services 7. Mother and Child Care

Outcomes achieved through Hub & Spoke Model
1.  The network makes it possible to treat patients closer to their homes, reducing travel time and cost of care. At the same time, people needing specialized care are escalated to hospitals in less time reducing the complexity of diseases.
2. The redundancy associated with patient’s data is dramatically reduced as patient data transfer that takes place between hubs and spokes takes negligible time as each patient’s report is sent individually; therefore, the chance of a reporting error becomes practically zero.
3. The model is highly effective in disseminating information for health awareness, immunizations and outspread of any epidemics.
4. Through this model, iKure effectively helps in creating and sustaining rural empowerment, both directly and indirectly.
5. Through the network of trained CHWs, iKure medical team provides diagnosis and routine treatments in the outreach centres, thus alleviating the pressure from tertiary facilities and allow focusing more on critical patients.

Our Hub & Spoke Model