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mCube Project
Project title Developing an interactive tool for maternal and child health care monitoring and routine assessment
Partner University of Michigan
Project objectives Implementing digital health for a routine maternal and child health & monitoring and determining the effectiveness of CHWs using technology.
Project outputs Identification of  high-risk of pregnancy, & early symptoms and patterns concerning developmental delays among children between 12-24 months of age.
MCH Project
Project title Mother and Child healthcare project 
Partner Deshpande Foundation &Ek Soch Sandbox
Project objective Implement strategic maternal and child health program in Varanasi district in Uttar Pradesh & Haveri district in Karnataka, increasing accessibility and affordability of service delivery up to the last mile.
Project outputs Improving the status of health and nutrition and reducing the prevalence of anemia among children of  (0-12 months) age and pregnant women over a period of 6 months in 15 villages of Haveri district in Karnataka. 


Project title Project on MCH, West Bengal   
Partner IPE Global
Project objectives Study on affordable and quality healthcare services for mother and child using WHIMS
Project outputs Analysing care seeking behaviour through MCH intervention in West Bengal.
Transforming Rural India
Project title Pilot project on Transforming Rural India
Partner Tata Trust & PRADAN  
Project objectives Pilot project to set up hub and spoke clinic to connect rural communities with medical team using technology platform WHIMS.
Project outputs Through this project served close to 3 .5 lakh population in the block of Torpa and later in Gumla, Jharkhand.
iKure-McGill University Collaboration, Canada

McGill and iKure partnered together to develop AI enabled framework to identify high risk hypertensive Asian population. This consortium aims to study the various risk factors based on the patient’s current health conditions, electronic medical records, and socio-economic determinants to develop AI enabled predictive models and identify and rank high risk population  and connect them with next level of care.  

The current ongoing research collaboration iKure & Mcgill also extended their collaboration to study:

  1. The impact of the effect of high-risk CVDs on COVID-19 aftermath and post-pandemic contexts
  2. Management of Virtual Care Delivery in the Post-COVID-19 World: A Data-Driven System Optimization Approach
LifePlus Inc. San Jose, CA,USA

LifePlus is engaging with iKure for a project involving 1000 clinical data collection of patients using standard medical for calibration of their medical device called LifeLeaf (non-invasive clinical grade device) which is in the process of attaining clinical grade accuracy through global multi-site clinical trials.

Obesity &Hypertension

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Physical activity & Hypertension


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