iKure ensures continuity of care for its beneficiaries using telemedicine services during COVID-19

The moment of telemedicine has arrived in India, not just as a viable option to contain the new coronavirus, but an opportunity to bridge the increasing demand and supply the gap in public health due to the pandemic. With the pressing needs to find ways to meet the needs of the beneficiaries without risk of getting exposed, iKure is using telemedicine to maintain the #continuity of care in last-mile communities.

Leveraging Wireless Health Incident Monitoring System (WHIMS), iKure’s telemedicine platform is used by the doctors to screen and monitor patients at their doorsteps as well as for people visiting iKure’s hub clinics. This technology is allowing remote patients to connect with the doctors instantly helping them manage their health profile, diagnosis, treatment plans, and prescriptions created over multiple sessions.

Sujay Santra, Founder & CEO, iKure shares, “While the nation is under lockdown, our telemedicine platform is serving as an essential means to keep patients in their homes and contain the spread of the infections. The platform is used by doctors to cater to the health needs of the locals and the aging population suffering from diabetes and hypertension who are at a higher risk”.

The venture is extending the capabilities of the platform to meet the goals of COVID-19. Primary care is crucial for the management of coronavirus and doctors are using the telemedicine platform to spread awareness of social distancing, hand wash and combat rumors associated with the disease.

While the nation is preparing to tackle the outspread of the virus, iKure’s doctors and health workers are gearing up to extend the services through telemedicine for remote consultation and reduce caseloads in hospitals efficiently.