iKure’s rapid response to tackle the second wave of Covid-19

The rural health infrastructure with severe shortage in the availability of hospital beds, trained doctors, and access to sustained supplies of oxygen is not geared to tackle the crisis of the COVID-19 second wave.  With each passing day, the referral hospitals are finding themselves overwhelmed with a severe case overload. we are expanding access to COVID-19 positive patients to our remote monitoring services, supported through a telemedicine app, a team of doctors, trained paramedics, dieticians, and psychology consultation.


This coordinated medical support, delivered through a hub-and-spoke model, provides patients with continuous care. We have seen patients recover fast and have a lower rate of hypoxia (oxygen deficiency) in critical cases. This has reduced the need for a hospital bed and oxygen support. This tracking mechanism also ensures that family members receive early alerts, in case there is a need for advanced care.