iKure rolls out school health initiative for young toddlers

School health is important for holistic development of children and which can directly affect their ability to learn and grow. Our coordinated approach to ensure continuum of care from school to home and back to the community is well illustrated through our recent initiative for school children. iKure has rolled out school health initiative to provide access to health screening that includes vital screening, eye checkup, immunization monitoring, and comprehensive health education. Children are susceptible to worm infections, poor nutrition, short-sightedness etc. Through its school health programe, the venture is addressing these problems using innovative health-tech devices to increase effectiveness of care and treatment regimes. Our aim through such initiative is to raise awareness on child health issues, reduce absenteeism and drop-out rates and boost children’s educational prospects.

Bimal Dey’s story:
Bimal Dey is the headmaster of the school who has been employed for last 35 years. He has taken great effort in upgrading his school in terms of bringing good teachers, providing basic amenity for the children including a small library and a tiny canteen. But he felt, his students were not getting adequate access to primary healthcare in his village. But, when Mintu and Tapan from iKure approached the headmaster with the proposition of school health programe, he was delighted and accepted the offer. He told them, “Our village does not have basic access to primary care or even eye care. Glasses are not available locally and vision problems remain uncorrected”. But as the programe rolled out, he was relaxed to see that his students were carefully screened and tested for vision impairment. They were taught about different health habits, eye problems and learnt why it is necessary to visit a doctor periodically. Through this programe, 13O children were screened, and few were also referred for further treatments. iKure is now all set to deploy the school health initiative in its catchment areas.


Join us in our mission to help nurture healthy children and healthy community.