iKure is an award-winning, tech driven, rapidly growing, revenue positive social enterprise that meets the rural health care and prevention needs through a unique combination of health outreach initiative, skills development, and technology intervention. The venture is poised to rapidly scale beyond its curative model, looking to the future of disease prevention and wellness for rural, semi-urban and urban people in India. iKure’s healthcare model has acquired extensive support and recognitions from across the world for being innovative, technologically advanced and sustainable.

We deliver our services through hub and spoke clinic set up where a core medical team utilizing modern procedures and equipment stationed at hub clinic visit peripheral clinics (spokes) on a regular basis. iKure also provides training its community health workers equipped with point-of-care (POC) devices, which enables them to provide door-step monitoring and diagnostic support. Furthermore, through its proprietary software, Wireless Health Incident Monitoring System (WHIMS) is used as a diagnostic tool to analyze patient information for health screening, early detection, and monitoring of diseases for doctors and health care workers. Equipped with this information, iKure analyzes the root causes of ailments and addresses them holistically through a combination of health & hygiene, water & Sanitation, Nutrition etc. In addition, iKure has created an ecosystem by partnering with local NGOs for ground mobilisation, Hospitals for Secondary & tertiary care, research Organisations for clinical & technical knowhow of various ailments.

iKure’s patients, who had previously relied only on local quacks or state owned primary health centers with limited operations and coverage, now have reliable access to on-site general medicine (the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of diseases), maternal and child health care, eye care, telemedicine services, and pathology services to cater to the demand of specific diseases.

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