General Practice

The GP or General practitioner at iKure is the first point of contact providing general healthcare to the rural patients. The GPs are highly skilled and provide access to wide range of health services both physically and virtually, addressing local health needs and inequalities. They assess, diagnose, treat and manage illness, and promote general health and well-being. GP’s also act as patient’s advocate, support and represent patient’s interest to ensure they receive best and appropriate care through iKure.


The core services include:

  1. General consultation at Hub & spoke level (physically &virtually)
  2. Health screening, monitoring & consultation through health camps
  3. Disease surveillance
  4. Vaccination & immunization
  5. Dietician support
  6. Counselling
  7. Maternity service
  8. Child health & development


GP Highlights:

Doctor Consultation: Consultation by experienced doctors for treatment of health problems, diagnose medical history, measure body vitals and identifying underlying conditions and recovery.

Vital Collection:

The vitals of patients are collected both at the last mile and Hub and data is fed in the app. This data is referred to monitor the patient health. The technology makes the analysis simpler by plotting the graphs of the vitals at different interval of time.


At Hub clinic, doctor’s diagnosis are recorded and stored digitally. A copy of e-prescription is provided to the patient.

Medicine Requisition:

Prescribed medicines are made available at the clinic at a very nominal price. iKure maintains inventory of emergency medicines at the last mile.

Point-of-care diagnostic support:

Disease surveillance, diagnosis and treatment are done through P-O-C diagnostic app. to ensure data accuracy and standardized diagnosis.